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Peace Breaker [HK DVD]
Peace Breaker [HK DVD]
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Crying Fist [Korea DVD] 23.30EUR

DVD RC3 (Codefree DVD-player required), NTSC

Director: Ryu Seung-Wan
Cast: Choi Min-Sik, Ryu Seung-Beom, Im Won-Hee
Running time: 135 minutes
Released: 2005 [Korea]
Genre: Action
Sub-genre: Drama

Audio: Korean
Subtitles (removable): English, Korean
Features: Anamorphic Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1, dts
Distributor: Enter One [Korea] 2007

A washed-up boxing star turned doormat. This is as low as it gets!! Tae-shik, once a silver medallist in the Asian Games, now gets paid to be beaten up in place of others in the middle of the street. Gambling debts and a fire in a factory have consumed everything he has ever owned, so he has no choice but to work as a street boxer in order to make ends meet. All he has left is his wife and son. To make matters worse, his wife demands a divorce and he is no longer able to live with his son ¢®¢çSeo-jin' who is his only hope in life. With his back up against the wall and nothing more to lose, the old boxer decides to go for the amateur boxing title...

Before, I wanted nothing!! But now I'll fight the world with my boxing. Sang-hwan's daily routine consisted of gang fights and muggings. One day, he needs money to pay off compensation fees which in turn leads him to rob a wealthy neighbor, landing him smack in juvenile detention. The first day of confinement starts with a fight, and gets his ass thrown in solitary confinement. A guard suggests that Sang-hwan join the boxing club after fistfight between the two inmates. Boxing gradually taught him for the first time that he could actually do something. While serving time, his father has passed away suddenly and his grandmother has had a stroke. In shock, Sang-hwan prepares to win the amateur title in an effort to shake off his grief...

The championship! The inevitable clash of the two men begin. The preliminaries for the amateur championship begin. Tae-shik gradually recovers his old boxing skills as he beats opponent after opponent while Sang-hwan knocks out his opponent in every game. The two men both beat their opponents into submission and finally meet at the final match. The two are equally matched with uniquely respective backgrounds, skills, and destinies. Tae-shik has no place left to go while the nineteen-year-old Sang-hwan is fighting for someone else for the first time in his life. The fight of a lifetime between the two men who are determined to hold their ground has begun!

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