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Peace Breaker [HK Blu-ray]
Peace Breaker [HK Blu-ray]
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Adventure of the King

Blu-Ray Region Free

Director: Chung Sue Kie
Cast: Richie Jen, Barbie Hsu, Law Ka Ying, Nat Chan, Huo Si Yan, Lam Wai, Bruce Liang, Pan Chang Jiang, Huang Xiao Ming, Liu Ya Jin, Gong Xin Liang, Zhou Li Bo, He Yun Wei, Zhao Zhi Ling
Running time: 109 minutes
Released: 2010 [Hong Kong]
Genre: Comedy

Audio: Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitles (removable): English, Traditional Chinese
Features: 1080p High Definition Widescreen,
Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital 5.1
Distributor: Panorama [Hong Kong] 2010

The classic play The Matching of Dragon and Phoenix has been retold in contemporary cinema multiple times, including director Jeff Lau's Chinese Odyssey 2002. Now, 72 Tenants of Prosperity co-director Chung Shue Kai offers his own take on the tale with the hilarious comedy Adventure of the King. As its title suggests, the film follows the journey of a curious king who escapes the confines of the palace and falls in love with a commoner in the process. In this version, Richie Jen (Summer Holiday, Marry a Rich Man) plays the mischievous king, and he's being paired up for the first time with Barbie Hsu (Hot Summer Days, Connected), who plays a feisty restaurant owner. As the second production of the 5510 production plan (Five years, 500 million yuan total budget, 10 films), Adventure of the King takes place in the same universe as the plan's Flirting Scholar 2, resulting in a hilarious cameo by the four scholars, including the one played by Richie himself!
Zhu Zhengde (Richie Jen) is a king that longs to see the world beyond the palace. To get away from being matched with ugly potential brides, Zhu decides to escape the palace with his advisors (Law Kar Ying and Bruce Leung). However, a gambling mishap causes Zhu to lose his memory and become separated from his group. Fortunately, he is taken in by Phoenix (Barbie Hsu), the kind owner of the Lung Fung Inn and one tough lady. Remembering the luxurious cuisine he had in the palace, Zhu helps invent new dishes for the Lung Fun Inn, making it the new hot spot in town. However, with Zhu's evil uncle looking to take up the throne, Zhu cannot stay at the Lung Fung Inn forever.

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